Byzantino Restaurant

Traditional Cypriot hospitality, in the buzzing old part of the city, in “Laiki Yitonia” the restored and paved area of the city right at the back of the hotel. Byzantino restaurant treats you to authentic Cypriot cuisine, delightful indoor breakfast patio as well as a pleasant outdoor courtyard!

You can relax here with a glass of cold draught beer or village wine while watching the passers by. The restaurant and Byzantine Wing is connected to the main building through a corridor with old Cypriot artefacts and a stone staircase that leads to the first floor.

Cuisine Served

Traditional Cypriot

Opening Hours

12:00 - 14:30

Breakfast Prices

Standard: €7.50

Booked & Prepaid at check-in: €5


Byzantino Restaurant

Adding to the charm of Centrum Hotel, guests are invited to journey through time with our unique historical display. Located in the corridor connecting the hotel to the Byzantino Restaurant, our collection of antiques provides a captivating glimpse into the rich history of Cyprus, connecting our guests with the island’s storied past. This unique feature sets Centrum Hotel apart, offering not just comfort and hospitality, but also a cultural experience that brings the spirit of Cyprus to life.